This Mentorship Thing…

So this past weekend at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference I had a real awakening to this whole idea of mentoring. Working in youth ministry I lead a small group of grade 7 students. I spend my Tuesdays hanging out with them and journeying with them as they discover their faith and challenge my own. This really is my favorite part. I love it.

I have learned how the mentorship process works mentors do not try to form and guide a student, they impart wisdom that they have discovered from their lives. Mentors are not placed in students lives to fix their problems as if they are broken, mentors are supposed to just hang out with students, spend quality time with them so there is a safe place where questions can be asked and answers can be found. There needs to be a state of mutual fascination, where both parties respect and love each other for who they are. The last part of being a mentor is to be in a state of mutual transformation. There is not supposed to be teaching, there is supposed to be a journey together where both mentor and student’s lives are changing because of the positive effects on each other.

This has been pretty heavy on my heart the past few days. I spend a lot of time pouring my experience and excitement for Jesus into a few students, they probably would not call me their mentor, but essentially that is what I am doing. Back to the point, pour out myself into the students but I do not have anyone pouring themselves into me. I realized that I need a mentor as well, I need an older, wiser and more experienced person in my life to give me advice, to answer my questions and keep me accountable.

The worst thing is, I had this person in my life. My small group leader when I was in high school turned into a mentor when I graduated. He became one of the closest friends I ever had, I took every issue and every question to him and trusted him beyond belief. I say had him because he and his wife moved back home to Ontario in November of 2010 and it has taken me this long to realize how much I missed his guidance.

So I guess I in the market for a new mentor…sounds odd but it is true. I need that certain someone to pour some experience and wisdom into me. I just to need put this into the hands of Jesus and pray that he will put someone in my path that can walk beside me as I try to walk in this crazy world and learn to love Jesus.


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