Breathe…Day 2&3

What a conference! This weekend is pretty much over for us and it has been an amazing ride. I have the amazing pleasure of meeting, speaking, and tweeting with some of the most influential names in youth ministry today. This has been so much fun, Nicole and I are so thankful that we have had this opportunity to come here and just hang out with other youth workers and take some time to breathe.

Yesterday we skipped our main general assembly and took some time to see the sights of Louisville. There were many more sights than I had expected. We obviously went to the Slugger Museum, that was pretty cool, not a huge baseball fan but still pretty awesome. There was some real neat buildings downtown with some amazing character. We saw the statue of Thomas Jefferson; it was really cool to see some history in a place where I never expected to see any. Coincidentally Jimmy Buffett was in town last night so there were a lot of crazy old people dressed as parrots and sharks. It was kind of crazy.

Sidebar: This place is so awesome, Nicole and I sitting on some awesome sack chairs blogging and studying and some fellow youth workers just pulled up beside us with a bongo and a guitar and started worshiping. Sounds awesome!

The sessions that I attended yesterday was Sticky Faith with Kara Powell and Brad Griffin, and a session called You Suck! Responding and Dealing with Criticism. Sticky Faith was interesting because it is the biggest idea to come out of Fuller Youth Institute. It was interesting talk about building a faith in students that sticks through college and beyond. The You Suck! session was awesome. It was great to sit with others who suck at dealing with criticism and learn proper techniques and strategies to sift through and respond to criticism.

Nicole and I got distracted last night and spent 2 hours hanging out with some awesome youth workers so now I am sitting in the Louisville airport finishing this post off. We totally just met the Skit Guys! This weekend has been absolutely insane, so much craziness, awesomeness, and relaxing. It was nice to get away and just have some people pour some experience and knowledge into us for a change.


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