Breathe … Day 1

After a crazy day of travelling, me made it to Louisville, which by the way is pronounced Lulllllllllville. It’s crazy, I know, I can’t say it without laughing. But we are here at Simply Youth MInistry Conference. Nicole and I had the amazing opportunity to attend an all day pre-conference workshop entitled, Married People Retreat with Ted and Nancie Lowe. Ted is the Married Life Pastor at North Point Community Church in Georgia.

We spent the day working through a curriculum called the 4 Core Habits. The first habit was called Practice your Promise. During this time we focused on looking back at the vows we made on our wedding day and living those out every day of our married life. We need to control our thoughts because thoughts turn into our sins, we meditated on Philippians 4: 8-9.

The next habit we spent time with was, The Tone of Your Home. We took some time to look at the home we have, how it is run and what it feels like. We spent time discussing this with other couples at our table. The scripture we focused on Luke10:38-42. The bottom line of this topic was, the tone of your home greatly impacts the tone of your marriage.

We took a break for lunch and spent some time getting to know an amazing couple from Sacramento, CA. We had a great time getting to know them and hanging out.

After lunch we dived into the 3rd habit: Respect and Love. We talked about conflict and peace. How our pain affects our spouses pain and cycles and after knowing our pain cycles we have the ability to stop those cycles and grow with each other in our marriage. After conflict, we talked about peace and how to bring peace into a marriage. It was a great eye opener and really showed us what we were doing to each other in conflict. During this 3 topic, we were interrupted by a tornado warning. We all had to evacuate the sessions we were in and gather on the main floor of the hotel. It was pretty exciting, pretty soon after we able to return to our sessions and continue.

The last topic we talked about was Love God First. We talked about stereotypes in marriage and how God feels about that. We had a great time   working on our marriage and learning how to love each other and love God. It was a great time and we are both so thankful that we could attend the workshop.

We went out for dinner and headed off the main opening assembly, excited to hear what Francis Chan had to say. We had a great time worshiping and hanging out. Looking forward to the rest of the conference!



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