The past week has been absolutely nuts! I do not think I have ever been as stressed. I had an event to organize on the weekend, an assignment to research and write, and a conference to prepare for. Along with my regular duties of part time homemaker, husband, sibling and friend. I have been overloaded. Typically I excel when I get overloaded, but not this time.

Ironically, the conference Nicole and I are attending this weekend is entitled Breathe. Fitting. I am really excited for the weekend, I will learn lots, but I pray that I will come back refreshed and rested.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. I have been registered to attend Breathe for a few months now and I never really grasped the truth behind the title. I guess Jesus just spend the last week showing me. I need to spend more time in devotions and more time just hanging out with God. Hopefully this weekend helps out.

Thanks for listening blogosphere,

P.S. stay tuned for some updates from Simply Youth Ministry Convention this weekend!


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