Breakforth: Final Day

Hello followers and blogosphere adventurers!

Today wrapped up Breakforth Canada 2012. It was an amazing day! I had the honour and great privelege to listen to Nick Vuijcic speak. He is an amazing testimony of faith, if you want more information check out I will let him do the explaining and I will just talk about what hit me in the heart today! I attended Nick’s talk on Maximizing your Potential. This was a topic I needed to hear. Being called in the Lord’s ministry is not an easy thing to handle, our future is so uncertain. Nick said that when following what God wants you to do you want to know a few things: what you are going to do, why you are going to do it, how you are going to do it, and when you are going to do it. I definitely know the first 2, what and why. I am called to spend time with young people and journey with them to the foot of the throne, I know I will do this because the Lord has spoken to me and given me the gifts and passion for this ministry. I am pretty sure how I will get there, currently I am studying at Vanguard College and have plans to attend other Christian Post-Secondary institutions. What I struggle with is WHEN. Both Nicole and I have no idea when Jesus will call us to a church, where he will call us, how he will call us etc… I love the idea of this making my life an adventure, it will always be exciting, however, I am scared because I simply do not know. I like to have everything planned, that is how I am. I struggle with leaving it up to God. Nick helped me to understand that God knows best. I think my soul is a bit more peaceful, I needed the reminder to just let God take care of things, after all, He is pretty smart and I have faith that He has a plan for us!

Part of maximizing your potential is prioritizing our lives, if our priorities are straight then we will be serving God to the max. First and foremost is my own personal relationship with Jesus, this needs to be most important. Second, my relationship with my wife, Nicole. By loving her just as God so loved the church, I will glorify the King. Third and last is everything else, ministry, career, work, friends. All things will be taken care of by the Lord if we worship Him with our relationships.

Nick also closed off the conference by speaking on Ephesians 6:10, the Armor of God. He said that we do not need to go to church, conferences, or small groups to receive the armor; we already have it. We need to be attending church, conferences, and small groups so we can take off our beaten and dented armor and have it all patched up and ready to head back out into the world proudly proclaiming the Gospel and bringing souls into heaven!

Nick left us a few good quotes, here they are, “if you don’t know what God wants you do, ask God to use you to help someone else who knows what God has called them to do.” God will use the community around us to point us in the right direction. The second item is a prayer,

Dear God,

Today, Jan 29 2012, I pray that you would help me to find joy in You more.

Please God, help me to be faithful. When I am not, thank you for carrying me. Here I am, use me.

Sincerely, Me!

I will let the words of the prayer explain themselves.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Breakforth: Final Day

  1. I really like this post Curtis! You summed up pretty much everything and came across in a humble way- not focusing on others, but yourself. Nicely done!

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