Breakforth, Day1

Hello Blogoshpere!

So today Nicole and I went to Breakforth Canada 2012! We had a great day of worship and learning.

We picked up a friend and go the Shaw Conference Center around 8:30 in the morning. We headed  do the main assembly for some worship with Benton Brown and a good sermon from Anne Graham Lotz. Anne spoke about the end of days and the second coming of Jesus. Based on Matthew 24:3 she identifies 5 signs of the second coming.

1. Religious: there will be more and more persecutions of christians, divisions of the church, and false prophets.

2. Wars: there are currently 134 wars happening in the world today and 10 major wars. We also had 2 world wars in the last century.

3. Environment: There has been an increasing number of natural disasters all over the world. 295 000 people died from natural disasters in 2010.

4. Personal: Anne Graham Lotz believes that her generation will be the last generation. She defends this standpoint with Mt 24:3, Luke 21, and 2 Peter 3. We should not be deceived and we should not be discouraged by scoffers in the church.

5. Global: Rebirth of Israel (May 1948). Mt 24:14, that the Gospel will be preached out in all nations, and due to the internet, this has become a reality..

This was a great sermon, I was a bit confused afterwards though. Part of me was excited that the second coming is a possibility in my lifetime, but it also made me feel rushed. Feeling called by God to youth ministry is an awesome adventure that I do not want to miss, but if that is the Lord’s will then so it is. I think it is a gutsy topic to preach on, the unsettling part of the talk was how confident Anne was in her theory, she spoke with such authority and conviction that she could convinced anyone! More info on this topic at

After the main session we went our separate ways, I attended a talk about sharing the leadership load. Something that I struggle with and needed to hear. We went for lunch and then spent the afternoon with Sean McDowell learning how to connect with youth, and equip them with a biblical worldview. Nicole and I learned loads from these talks. Sean is a great speaker and so passionate about ministry and youth. More information at

We had dinner with some friends and discussed the events of the day, bounced some ideas around and unwound from the craziness and overwhelming day. We headed back to  the main hall and listened to Tony Campolo talk about being a red-letter Christian. We need to spend more time listening to what Jesus says in the Gospel. It was a great talk and inspired me to dedicate more of my life to Jesus, not just some, but all of it! Paul Baloche led the worship, he is so great at leading worship!

Overall, we had a great day and look forward to learning more about myself and God’s calling tomorrow. Praise the Lord that we can attend conferences like this in our own city of Edmonton and have the freedom to do so!


2 thoughts on “Breakforth, Day1

  1. Hey Curtis, that’s awesome you had a great time and are even more encouraged!
    I’m curious about the sermon Anne preached. What about the passage in Matthew 24:36, Matthew 25:1-13 and especially Luke 17:20-37? I agree that we have to spend our time on earth wisely and preach the word to all ends of the earth… but who are we to say when Jesus will come back?
    Just a thought from a different angle….

    • Hi Cassie,
      I guess I might have forgot to mention, Anne very firmly said that she is not a prophet and does not know when Jesus will come again. All 3 of those passages mention that. I agree, I have no idea, I can’t even begin to know. This sermon really made me think, in many ways. Anne believes that the signs Jesus mentions in Mt 23:4 are coming true. That all of the events are happening in her generation. I cannot deny that, she showed the evidence and it is true. It is an interesting concept and a touchy one. I believe that Jesus will come again soon, we will never be able to know for sure but I am excited to either leave this earth and be with my Heavenly Father or spend every minute of my life making the greatest effort I can to glorify God. Either way I am excited!

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